Private online Offer 6 levels


  • 2 sessions a week.
  • Each session is 45 minutes.
  • Only one student.
  • The level lasts for 4 months.
  • Free access Smart Book.
  • Free access to 4achiever + NOW

Special Offer for Limited Time:

This includes the following features:
  • You will reach the B1 level in English.
  • Certified from the Pearson international institute.
  • Using the ‘Top Notch’ program.
  • 4achiever application to solve daily tasks.
  • Free access to Smart Book that contains videos and audios.
  • 4level1 guarantee: the student can retake the level in the absence of benefit.

4level1 teachers:

We choose 4level1 teachers based on international standards of CELTA and DELTA.

Our teachers are evaluated throughout their way in 4level1 from the department responsible based on international quality standards.

Periodical evaluation from the Research and Development department through workshops and trainings.

Student Reviews

“One of the best way to learn you English”

Mohamed Adel
“I am a student at 4level1 dokki branch, the teachers are amazing and they daily evaluate us to reach our goals”.
Ahmed Abdelhamiid
” just in 3 months, my English language evolved rapidly to reach a good level, all the teachers are amazing and helpful, the classes are clean and cozy”.
Mostafa Abdelhamiid
“one of the best places ever, they are totally professional focusing on my weak points and Reinforces my strengths, taking my English language into whole new level”.
Hany Younan
” The most enjoyable time in my day, the course is very detailed and entertaining. The classes setup is the best in the market “.
Gomaa Mohamed
” 4level1 changed my life forever, finally, I got accepted in my dream job “.
Ahmed Essam